Caprina Valentine

Frozen // Photo Series

Debut at the RED Show // Coast Collective Gallery // Feb 1 – 26, 2017 // more »

Limited Edition Prints (1/10) available matted white or black

Frozen BeautyFrozen Beauty I.I (Ltd.Ed.1/10)
Frozen BeautyFrozen Beauty II.I (Ltd.Ed.1/10)

Frozen BeautyFrozen Beauty I.II (Ltd.Ed.1/10)

Frozen BeautyFrozen Beauty II.II (Ltd.Ed.1/10)

behind the scenes

I designed and built a slotted rack to firmly hold the frozen contents of a 9" x 12" baking pan upright as it melts. I then set this up on a pedestal on top of a white garbage bag (to reflect light upwards) in front of a white wall, then crop in-camera to compose the images I want – typically a vertical (full) and horizontal shot of each frozen composition.

Frozen Photo Series - Behind the Scenes